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CHC: When Church Becomes Religion

This post seeks to examine why CHC followers are so incomprehensibly stubborn in their steadfast believe in Kong Hee and gang.

Ever since the breaking of the news of the CHC scandal, there have been blows from both sides, namely the derisive attitude held by non-CHCs, and the stoic belief in Kong Hee and friends by CHC members. The difference between both is that one is understandable, and the other is not.

The derisive attitude is easy to understand. “Wah steal money still get standing ovation. The US should have given standing ovation to Bernard Madoff as well” ¬†as a quote sums most of it up actually. But the main point of these statements are a expression of disbelief. Disbelief that followers can still defend the Crossover project, their charismatic founder, his Geisha wife and the other complicit board members in spite of the evidence against them. The fact that the investigation was held over 2 years prior to his arrest speaks volumes about the amount of evidence garnered, and its thus understandable how people can’t comprehend (and therefore choose to make contemptuous comments towards) CHC members. Please note I said ‘understandable’, not ‘appropriate’ or ‘right’. That judgement of right or wrong is a personal one that I won’t make for you. In any case, look here for a summary of what exactly Kong Hee’s being arrested for.

But who, other than CHC members, can understand the CHC members steadfast refusal to look at logic and reason? The evidence is all there. Why are CHC members hunkering down, expressing strong love for the church, and donating more than ever instead of deserting it, or demanding a refund? This post explores that. Continue reading

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