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One reason why I dislike PAP

Everyone dislikes something for some reason, and contrary to popular belief in Singapore, people do dislike PAP for legitimate reasons as well, other than wanting “more opposition voices” alone, although that’s important too. This is actually part of a series, because each point I dislike about the PAP is equivalent to a post. So… Here’s number one. Feel free to disagree and let me know in the comments!

The PAP thinks it’s the Government.

If your first response to this statement is “It’s not meh?” it’s okay, you wouldn’t have been able to tell by the way PAP acts.

PAP is a political party. It occupies a disgusting majority of the seats in parliament so much so that it practically rules Singapore since any opposition to policies are insignificant, but it’s still just a political party. The government of Singapore has Member of Parliaments from different political parties, and is known under a different name called The Singapore Government. But this distinction has become almost insignificant with the way PAP conducts itself.

PAP justifies the dangling of the upgrading carrot (cliché!) and denying opposition constituencies use of public facilities by the rhetoric “Of course it’s like that. They are opponents. Why should PAP help them? It’s a competition.”

Now these are not unfamiliar words you have seen in the papers. Personally, I have volunteered at Punggol East Constituency, meeting Michael Palmer(Speaker of Parliament) and his staff,  and have actually had this line said to me by one of his most senior staff (nice man actually). So, PAP really does believe this is fair. And that’s not all. This statement actually has common people agreeing that this is fair.

“I don’t see anything wrong with that”

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Why the blog?

Why not the blog?

I’m currently a JC student at the point of writing and feeling incredibly stifled. Not just by an education system that doesn’t encourage self-thought, but by a government that doesn’t want to hear the bad stuff. So this is me, about to un-stifle myself and write about the stuff I think about. It’s not all political, but it’s all me.

And to prevent myself(hopefully) from getting sued under some defamation/libel law : Everything written on the blog, except, of course, comments from other people, are my own personal thoughts and are in no way intended to influence others nor parade as a ‘truth’. Opinions I make on people, governing bodies, associations and the like are simply that, opinions, which are personal and are in no way intended as an assertion of truth or finality. They are just my opinions. I think I’m allowed to have them.

So if I say ‘Fornicate you Sir’ to Teo Chee Hean and call him an idiot, I shouldn’t have to apologise. Not that I want to do that, but I don’t think the Reuben guy should have had to apologise for his own opinion as well. But Chee Hean probably doesn’t like it when a boy half his age calls him something that rhymes with ‘Duck’ and shares the same meaning as ‘Coitus’. And SAJC doesn’t like it if the public thinks that’s what it teaches it’s students.

And with that done, good night.

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