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Pointing Fingers (Part 1)

One does not go through life devoid of blame. We are often called upon to take the fall of a sub-par project, failures or unwelcome news, and that’s not bad altogether. The ability  to take the blame for failure develops one’s sense of responsibility and accountability, both qualities desirable in an ideal member of society. After all, one who has blame sliding off his shoulders at every turn, only for his compatriots beside him to bathe in its pungent smell, can hardly be counted for reliability.

But then of course, who likes to bathe himself in the repugnant smell of blame? Which is hence why we point fingers at others. And it is this blame game that has been playing out in different spheres in Singapore that has me writing this article.

This is the first issue that I will write about, with the issue of “xenophobia” (I actually disagree with the term) and sports to come.

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