I was born January 1994 and I’ve been getting older since then. With this aging comes maturity, and with maturity comes understanding. And in my case a desire to speak. So when I see something on the news, the Internet, or when I think of something that I’d like to talk about, I’ll talk about it.

My posts may be politically incorrect, wrong, offensive to your sensibilities, result in future employers shunning me, burn your cat, kill your fishes, fry your neighbours, jump on your head, get you so angry you press ALT-F4 so hard your keyboard breaks, but everything in here is my own personal, biased, sometimes-sarcastic opinion.

You can disagree, in fact you probably will. But these are the thoughts of a growing Singaporean boy and perhaps you’ll agree with what I say.


– New posts once/twice a week!

One thought on “Me

  1. Reader says:

    Dear author, is there a way in which I can contact you by email?

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