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In reply to what is probably the dumbest argument I’ve seen yet (excluding YouTube comments)

I’m usually not one to insult people over their opinions, seeing as I’m all for free speech and people voicing their thoughts. But sometimes you just come across something that is so ridiculous you forget about respecting others’ opinions and start writing an article to insult it. And in the process you also write an extremely long title for your article because you have no idea how to shorten a sentence while still fitting “dumbest argument” and “reply” in it.

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Medals for Money: When we won 2 medals

The recent London Olympics is only the third Olympics I actually remember. I remember following Li Jiawei’s progress in 2004 as she lost out on a medal, much to my sadness. I remember the record-breaking fest in both the pool and on the track as Phelps and Bolt dominated each respectively. And this Olympics,  I remember it too for a few reasons.

This was the first Olympics that actually inspired me, and made me want to try for the Olympics myself. I know it sounds stupid since I’m already 18 and everyone else has a huge head start blah blah, but still, I remain inspired. And that’s fully due to one Helen Glover who, in a nutshell, trained for only 4 years in an entirely new sport and now sports an Olympic Gold Medal.


She’s holding something Singapore spent millions to try and buy.

I mean, sure Bolt and Phelps did their thing (again), Pistorius made history for the disabled, the Men’s team archery final was unbelievably dramatic and so on, but this just beats them all in my opinion. But after all the marveling, I got to thinking, how likely would this be in Singapore? And why do I not even give a shit that Singapore came back with 2 medals this Olympics?

So, I will also remember this Olympics for another reason: When we won 2 medals, it was then that I realised that Singapore’s sporting policy has failed miserably.

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