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Meritocracy Has Failed in our Education System

Meritocracy is the core principal guiding Singapore’s education system. From Primary school, students are banded in their early years according to learning ability, with the good and slower separated into different classes to cater to their various learning styles and speeds. The system makes perfect sense theoretically: You reap what you sow. If one puts in the effort and time into studies, you will get the good grades you need to advance. However, this system allows too many to fall through the cracks, cracks which appear due to the blunt tool of examinations used to measure this ‘merit’. Singapore’s use of a one-size-fits-all policy has unfortunately created a society of inequality and has, more than anything, failed our students almost completely.
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Why I Post

Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been absorbed in Skyrim. But then again, I only have 2 followers on the blog so I didn’t really hurt anybody. Hohoho. Anyway, to the post.

In the last week or so, I’ve had my other half, my other half’s dad, and my own dad telling me it’s not really advisable to talk and post about sensitive topics online, and that I may not fully understand the consequences of posting such stuff on the Internet. My dad cited the dangers of me being misquoted, having what I say taken out of context, being sued for what I talk about amongst others. Take Alex Au ( of Yawning Bread) for example.

So I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit the past week, mostly asking myself a question posed by my other half: “Why do you post?” And so this post is really just about my thought processes as I considered the question this past week. And when I say thought processes, I mean the following is an actual conversation I had with myself inside my head.

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One reason why I dislike PAP

Everyone dislikes something for some reason, and contrary to popular belief in Singapore, people do dislike PAP for legitimate reasons as well, other than wanting “more opposition voices” alone, although that’s important too. This is actually part of a series, because each point I dislike about the PAP is equivalent to a post. So… Here’s number one. Feel free to disagree and let me know in the comments!

The PAP thinks it’s the Government.

If your first response to this statement is “It’s not meh?” it’s okay, you wouldn’t have been able to tell by the way PAP acts.

PAP is a political party. It occupies a disgusting majority of the seats in parliament so much so that it practically rules Singapore since any opposition to policies are insignificant, but it’s still just a political party. The government of Singapore has Member of Parliaments from different political parties, and is known under a different name called The Singapore Government. But this distinction has become almost insignificant with the way PAP conducts itself.

PAP justifies the dangling of the upgrading carrot (cliché!) and denying opposition constituencies use of public facilities by the rhetoric “Of course it’s like that. They are opponents. Why should PAP help them? It’s a competition.”

Now these are not unfamiliar words you have seen in the papers. Personally, I have volunteered at Punggol East Constituency, meeting Michael Palmer(Speaker of Parliament) and his staff,  and have actually had this line said to me by one of his most senior staff (nice man actually). So, PAP really does believe this is fair. And that’s not all. This statement actually has common people agreeing that this is fair.

“I don’t see anything wrong with that”

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CHC: When Church Becomes Religion

This post seeks to examine why CHC followers are so incomprehensibly stubborn in their steadfast believe in Kong Hee and gang.

Ever since the breaking of the news of the CHC scandal, there have been blows from both sides, namely the derisive attitude held by non-CHCs, and the stoic belief in Kong Hee and friends by CHC members. The difference between both is that one is understandable, and the other is not.

The derisive attitude is easy to understand. “Wah steal money still get standing ovation. The US should have given standing ovation to Bernard Madoff as well”  as a quote sums most of it up actually. But the main point of these statements are a expression of disbelief. Disbelief that followers can still defend the Crossover project, their charismatic founder, his Geisha wife and the other complicit board members in spite of the evidence against them. The fact that the investigation was held over 2 years prior to his arrest speaks volumes about the amount of evidence garnered, and its thus understandable how people can’t comprehend (and therefore choose to make contemptuous comments towards) CHC members. Please note I said ‘understandable’, not ‘appropriate’ or ‘right’. That judgement of right or wrong is a personal one that I won’t make for you. In any case, look here for a summary of what exactly Kong Hee’s being arrested for.

But who, other than CHC members, can understand the CHC members steadfast refusal to look at logic and reason? The evidence is all there. Why are CHC members hunkering down, expressing strong love for the church, and donating more than ever instead of deserting it, or demanding a refund? This post explores that. Continue reading

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