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The Sin of Excessive Wealth

This post is not (just) about the ongoing City Harvest Church saga, but was inspired heavily by it. I am agnostic and as such, I view myself as really neither here nor there regarding my religious inclinations.

[But to summarise, I believe in fate, and possibly a supreme being, but I don’t believe in religions, with all the rituals and rules. I also disagree with the idea that a loving God (sometimes referred to as ‘Father’) would eternally damn his ‘children’, so to speak, who choose not to believe in the Church’s idea of what he is. If he (I don’t like capitalising my pronouns, sorry) actually does that, I wouldn’t want him for a father anyway.]

But enough about me, this post is about religion, specifically one of the largest ones : That of Christianity and its subsidiary interpretations. I.E. Catholicism, Protestantism etc. But mainly the large, rich churches [Looking at you, Catholics(The ones at the Vatican)].

As the title goes, this post will be about ‘Excessive Wealth’, which is wealth that is … well, excessive. For those looking for a proper definition, Google tells me it refers to what is “more than is necessary or normal”. So if you connect the two, excess wealth and the Christianity, you get … a scandal!
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Why the blog?

Why not the blog?

I’m currently a JC student at the point of writing and feeling incredibly stifled. Not just by an education system that doesn’t encourage self-thought, but by a government that doesn’t want to hear the bad stuff. So this is me, about to un-stifle myself and write about the stuff I think about. It’s not all political, but it’s all me.

And to prevent myself(hopefully) from getting sued under some defamation/libel law : Everything written on the blog, except, of course, comments from other people, are my own personal thoughts and are in no way intended to influence others nor parade as a ‘truth’. Opinions I make on people, governing bodies, associations and the like are simply that, opinions, which are personal and are in no way intended as an assertion of truth or finality. They are just my opinions. I think I’m allowed to have them.

So if I say ‘Fornicate you Sir’ to Teo Chee Hean and call him an idiot, I shouldn’t have to apologise. Not that I want to do that, but I don’t think the Reuben guy should have had to apologise for his own opinion as well. But Chee Hean probably doesn’t like it when a boy half his age calls him something that rhymes with ‘Duck’ and shares the same meaning as ‘Coitus’. And SAJC doesn’t like it if the public thinks that’s what it teaches it’s students.

And with that done, good night.

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